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Who are we

Excellence for Education Services Ltd (EES), is a fast-growing company based on the long and extensive experiences of its founders and employees in the fields of education, training, and capacity building.
In the field of education, the company is dedicated to help students to achieve their academic and career goals. EES aims to expand the educational options for students of different nationalities by obtaining acceptance from prestigious universities in various countries of the world and in the fields and colleges they wish to study. In this context, EES assigns an academic advisor to each student who follows up on all procedures from the first moment and continues to provide advice to the student not only until he obtains admission and assistance in the entry visa procedures for the country in question, but also the company’s distinguished services extend beyond that, ensuring the satisfaction of every client!
Among the services provided by EES in the field of education is the development of education in developing countries by linking educational institutions in developed countries with their counterparts in developing countries, in a way that determines the contribution of education in promoting development and achieving sustainable development goals - SDGs and giving young people in developing countries greater opportunities for a better future through education.
EES also provides its distinguished services in the field of training, considering that training is an integral part of the educational process. In this field, the company provides training and capacity building in various fields, including specialized training, on-the-job training, and training in the field of human development and capacity building, for the public sector, including executive, legislative, educational, media, and other institutions, as well as private sector companies and institutions, organizations, and individuals. The company provides and organizes training and capacity building courses and workshops and in UK and abroad.

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Focusing the full academic, strategic and intellectual assets of the firm to meet each client’s individual needs, covering every major educational and training sector.

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